January 7th, 2015

You don’t need more willpower. You need to build a solid habit that helps you get to work – Eric Barker paraphrasing Charles Duhigg, author "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business"

By Ron Nakamoto

Although the post below by Eric Barker is ostensibly about procrastination, it actually describes an important element of Empowered Wealth; namely, the importance of daily rituals. Lee Brower has a concept called "Motion Theory", in which he identifies the smallest step in order to get into motion towards a vision. He uses his Empowered Wealth Journal as a tool in order to build a daily ritual around prayer, meditation, exercise, and diet. What's important about this technique is not the specific regimen (my routine is, for example, somewhat different); it's making the activities regular, routine and habitual.

Our programs are designed to create routines that build positive habits with the intention of these positive habits becoming stable traits. Living and modeling these positive traits is the way we have influence in our work and our families over time; it's the way that cultures are built. It's the building of a positive, family-defined and designed culture that we believe is the most powerful path to Sustainable Prosperity.



How To Stop Procrastinating: 4 New Steps Backed By Research
Font too small on your phone? Try turning it sideways. To view the post on the blog, just click the title. How To Stop Procrastinating: 4 New Steps Backed By Research. By Eric Barker. how-to-stop-procrastinating. I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna. It’s awful and horrible.

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