July 9th, 2014

You can have wealth without having money – Paul Graham

By Ron Nakamoto

A cornerstone element of Emowered Wealth is "True Wealth", the dynamic balance among core, experience, contribution, and financial assets.  The post below by Maria Popova is a very insightful critique of the classic essay by Paul Graham on Money vs. Wealth.  At the risk of distorting Popova's message, I combined two of her observations into one continuous idea that goes like this:

"To create wealth is not to give people what they want, but to help them figure out what to want by making sense of what is worth having. There is a moral element to the marketable deliverable…it’s about making gifts for people and putting them into the world, hoping those gifts might bring them joy and eventually bring us some form of “wealth,” but not putting them into the world because they will bring us wealth and with the primary aim that they do so." – Maria Popova



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How to Get Rich: Paul Graham on Money vs. Wealth
Debunking the pie fallacy, or why there’s more to success than giving people what they want. “The moral challenge and the grim problem we

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