November 8th, 2015

Workplace Incivility is Contagious, Damaging

By Ron Nakamoto

When I'm teaching and training people on Gratitude, I often introduce "Social Gratitude" – saying "please", "thank you", and "you're welcome" (and, I must add, meaning it) – as the basis of a civil society and a better world. To me, these are outward expressions of respect for others.

The post below by Kathryn Welds examines the research on the effects of incivility – i.e., the opposite of Social Gratitude – in the workplace. As Welds says:

"The viral spread of even low-level rudeness can reduce collaboration and trust in the workplace."

Welds ends her post with a rhetorical question: "How do you stop the spread of workplace incivility?" From an Empowered Wealth point of view, a very effective, empirically proven answer would be to practice Gratitude daily. Whether it's teaching people how to use a simple memory cue like "Go B.I.G." (begin in Gratitude) or "Play T.A.G." (thank, appreciate, give); or use a journal to write down things we're grateful for daily; developing a culture of Gratitude seems to me to be the antidote to workplace incivility.


Workplace Incivility is Contagious, Damaging
Workplace incivility has numerous well-known consequences including reduced employee engagement and productivity, summarized by North Carolina State University’s James E. Bartlett and Michelle E. B…

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