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Ron Nakamoto A Message From Ron Nakamoto

Welcome friends and colleagues of Bob Woolsey!

If we’ve met at one of Bob’s events, I want to thank you again for the time we spent together and for your interest in our work at Empowered Wealth®.  I also want to thank you for taking the time to look up this webpage.

As a new friend of Empowered Wealth®, I’d like to offer you three gifts.  Lee Brower, the founder of Empowered Wealth®, is known for his original thoughts on and his strong belief in Gratitude.  Please enjoy these two Gratitude videos from our online membership program Empowered Wealth Connect.

The Story of the Gratitude Rock


How to Use the Gratitude Rock


If you like these videos, as my third gift, I want to offer you a free one month membership in Empowered Wealth Connect.  This online education and training program supplements and expands upon the workshops and seminars that Bob Woolsey leads.  Click this link to register (click here) to gain access ($29/mo rate after the first month).  Enter the following promo code woolsey and you’ll be able to take our course on Positive Focus and view our library of videos and book reviews.

I hope that you find our work helpful to you and that you’ll share what you’ve learned with your family and those who matter most to you.

With gratitude,

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Ron Nakamoto, CEO
Empowered Wealth