April 18th, 2014

Why Wisdom Matters

By Ron Nakamoto

"…an important sign of wisdom was “generativity,” a term used by the psychologist Erik Erikson… Generativity means giving back without needing anything in return.  The form of giving back could be creative, social, personal or financial, and the wisest people do that in a way that doesn’t see their lifetime as limiting when this might happen" – Daniel Goleman

The New York Times article below goes into some depth on the topic of wisdom, particularly as it relates to coping with aging.  As our population inevitably becomes older and the number of elderly increases, it stands to reason that elevating "wisdom" in our societal sense of values makes sense. In turn, this idea supports our work with "Narrative Wisdom" and suggests that our exploration should delve deeper and broader.



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The Science of Older and Wiser
The definition of wisdom may be hard to pin down precisely, but for those who have it, aging will be a pleasure.

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