November 27th, 2013

Why There's More to Empowered Wealth Than Being Happy

By Ron Nakamoto

The blog post below describes the work of researcher Barbara Fredrickson and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl in a way that calls to mind The Empowered Wealth Mindset.

In Fredrickson's research, individuals with low "meaningfulness" test scores but who were also "happy" showed immune responses similar to people who are under long-term chronic stress. In other words, lacking meaning in life could be potentially a health risk.  "Frederickson said that the problem isn’t with being happy but with meaningfulness being outweighed by happiness. This is when we risk affecting our immune systems in detrimental ways."

 Viktor Frankl's extreme experiences in Nazi concentration camps during World War II led to his work on the role of meaning in life.  The author of the blog post Belle Beth Cooper discusses three ways Frankl identified for finding meaning in our lives:

By creating a work or doing a deedBy experiencing something or encountering someoneBy the attitude we take toward unavoidable sufferingCooper advocates a balance between happiness and meaning.  In Empowered Wealth terms, we might add that that means a "dynamic balance" and a focus on "True Wealth", particularly in terms of contribution and value creation.   This is an important part of a shifting, ever-changing response to the realities and circumstances of one's life with a conscious focus (i.e., a mindset) on Gratitude, True Wealth, Family Leadership, Living Legacy, and Congruent Leverage.


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