December 11th, 2013

Why Have a Bias Towards Action?

By Ron Nakamoto

The blog post below discusses how many innovations of the past were combinations of both invention and practical applications that evolved once ideas were tested and put into use.

 When Empowered Wealth begins testing online education and training in early 2014, this is the approach we will be taking.  We have content and methods developed from working directly with successful entrepreneurs and their families.  We believe that the materials and delivery systems we'll be testing will be able to deliver this content to a much broader virtual audience.  Please watch for further announcements about this new program and "thank you" in advance to those of you who will be participating with us in our early testing.


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Innovation Requires a Bias Towards Action
Dwight Towers wrote a post last week reminding us that a lot of people have their ideas rejected not because everyone else is stupid, but because their ideas aren’t actually very good. He was basic…

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