November 6th, 2013

Why Have 7 Habits When You Can Have One?

By Ron Nakamoto

The blog post below is partially contradictory:  #5 is "They don't keep it together ALL the time." (Also, why 7 Habits?  A tired, overused ripoff of Stephen Covey perhaps?)

Nevertheless, I found these habits to be a useful reminder of some of the elements that could constitute an optimal way of being.  Of course, Gratitude and the work of Dr. Robert Emmons immediately jumps out at me (I've commented on Dr. Emmons' work recently and continue to study his research).  #'s 6 and 7 – vacations and unplugging – remind me of the Strategic Coach concept "Free Days" (days without work or work related activity with the focus on rejuvenation).  Finally, I'm reminded of +Lee Brower's "PMED" – prayer, meditation, exercise, and diet.


Aren't "Pringles" a simpler way to do things?


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The 7 Habits Of People Who Never Lose Their Cool

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One Response to “Why Have 7 Habits When You Can Have One?”

  1. Gabriel Fitzpatrick

    I'm a person who never sleeps. My secret is to sleep sometimes.

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