December 6th, 2013

Who Are The "Hipsters of Humility"?

By Ron Nakamoto

I was struck by this quote from the blog post below by Matthew Hoffman in which he talks about his family's background growing up in poverty:

"We’re not the Hipsters of Humility trying to make you feel bad. Honest. We just grew up without much, so that’s actually how we choose to live. We find more joy in life by not being focused on ‘stuff’. I only wish others could have the same experience. To be able to reject materialism because it just isn’t something you need, that’s a true blessing."

So if Hoffman and his family aren't "Hipsters of Humility", who is?  I suspect that this term refers to people who believe and project a way of being that they are "better than" others because they reject materialism.  I emphasize "better than" because it's one of the ways that the Arbinger Institute has identified that we betray ourselves and see others as objects rather than human beings.

One of the great things about the way Arbinger frames things and one of the reasons why Empowered Wealth aligns with Arbinger's work is that this whole paradigm of seeing people as objects becomes the crux of most interpersonal, family, government, business, and international conflicts.  Furthermore, the solution is to see other people as human beings with similar desires and aspirations for True Wealth.


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When Being Thankful for Next to Nothing, Means Everything
Matthew Hoffman finds joy in a life uncluttered by material possessions.

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