May 9th, 2013

When kids come home, instead of asking them, "What did you learn today?"…

By Ron Nakamoto

When kids come home, instead of asking them, "What did you learn today?" Ask them, "What questions did you ask today?" – Hal Gregersen

A subset of the Empowered Wealth mindset is the conceptual framework embodied in Strategic Coach, a company founded by Dan Sullivan.  Strategic Coach is dedicated to supporting very successful entrepreneurs in their quest to accelerate their growth and progress.  Much of that support comes down to fostering and manifesting creativity and innovation in the entrepreneurs' lives (both personally and professionally).
This article featuring the thoughts of entrepreneurial scholar Hal Gregersen briefly describes Gregersen's mantra of:
1.  Questioning (an ability that's the specific focus of Empowered Wealth's The Business Family Coach program);2.  Observing;3.  Networking; and4.  Experimenting.
A very simple but powerful way of thinking, especially when it comes to developing and nurturing an entrepreneurial family culture.

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The Entrepreneur’s DNA
A third of it comes down to DNA, he says—but the rest can be fostered with questioning, observing, networking and experimenting.

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