April 11th, 2014

We're selling trust

By Ron Nakamoto

 We're selling transparency.  – Brad Katsuyama, 60 Minutes Interview

See the second blog post on this same date for further commentary.


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The Market Is Rigged And You’re Getting Screwed
The U.S. stock market is rigged, with elite traders buying access to a high-speed network that allows them to figure out what you’ve just ordered, order it first, then raise the price before your order is complete.

And according to Michael Lewis, …

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7 Responses to “We're selling trust”

  1. Jack Longchamps

    Yes, absolutely. But banks have always been playing that game. On second thoughts, take away that "but"…

  2. Ron Nakamoto

    If you get into the details of Katsuyama's story, you'll see that he's different.  But otherwise, "yes"…

  3. Ron Nakamoto

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