December 29th, 2013

We get bored, look at Facebook or Twitter, and become more bored

By Ron Nakamoto

Getting rid of Facebook wouldn’t change the fact that our attention is, more and more frequently, forgetting the path to proper, fulfilling engagement. And in that sense, Facebook isn’t the problem. It’s the symptom. – Maria Konnikova

In here New Yorker blog post below, Maria Konnikova reviews several studies on the effects of Facebook on our happiness.  The evidence suggests that:

“Demands on our attention lead us to use Facebook more passively than actively, and passive experiences, no matter the medium, translate to feelings of disconnection and boredom.”

Applying the Empowered Wealth concept of “The Empowering Question”, we might ask “Can we engage actively in our experiences?”



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How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy
No one joins Facebook to be sad and lonely. But a new study argues that that’s exactly how it makes us feel…

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