March 14th, 2013

“We didn’t talk about money or even get together as a family…Now there’s…

By Ron Nakamoto

“We didn’t talk about money or even get together as a family…Now there’s nothing left” – Tom Rogerson

This article tells the personal story of the Rogerson family and how a great fortune was lost.  Now Tom Rogerson is one of the most prominent advisors to wealthy families in the U.S.  Many of the dangers and pitfalls of wealth are captured in this article.  Interestingly, another family mentioned in the article, the Hardie family, has a concept called "the business of the family" which is somewhat similar to the #empoweredwealth concept "The Business Family" but lacks the element of coaching. Furthermore, although there's mention of involving family members in training and dialogue, absent is the broader notion of empowering family members by cultivating and nurturing a sustainable family culture with a thorough grounding in a "mindset" like the Empowered Wealth mindset.

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Lost Inheritances – Studies Show Americans Blow Through Family Fortunes at a Remarkable Rate |Untitled Document
With trillions being passed on, can today’s baby boomers break the cycle? This week a feature in W.S.J. Money by Missy Sullivan caught our attention. It is

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