December 26th, 2012

We Cannot Imagine Our Grandchildren's World

By Ron Nakamoto

This video illustrates a fundamental difference between older and younger generations.  26 years from now, young children of today will likely be starting families and raising their children in a technological environment that we cannot imagine.  If Moore's Law continues to track the increasing power of the microchip, our computer processing capabilities will double every two years and in 26 years will be 8,192 times that of today.  Can you truly grasp this?  I can't.  I can sense what 2x might be (faster downloads, less waiting for data).  I can even imagine 4x (faster).  8x is getting pretty abstract.  8,192x?  I have no idea what that might mean.

There's a phrase that some estate planners like to use to describe the way long-term trusts can be set up.  They like to say that you can "control from the grave", meaning that trusts can dictate how money is distributed to heirs.  But that certainly only controls money; it does not control outcomes.  People influence outcomes.  We may not be able to imagine the technology that our grandchildren will take for granted but we can influence how they might deal with the world they live in.  If the intent is to give future generations the opportunity to experience and sustain prosperity – which is a fundamental precept of #empoweredwealth – then the culture and strength of families will be what matters most.  And that we can influence.

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