March 23rd, 2014

‘VUCA’ and The Empowered Wealth Mindset

By Ron Nakamoto

Last week was a good week for me, the culmination of several weeks of leading workshops and completing major milestones in our business.  Reflecting back on the week, I was reminded of one particular event that occurred just before I read the article below by General George W. Casey, the former Army Chief of Staff and the Commanding General of the Multinational Force in Iraq.

We were finishing a workshop with prospective Ambassadors – people who wish to collaborate with us and represent us as we interact with the public.  One individual raise his hand and expressed his frustration that there was not a structured plan of action, that he was being asked to help “figure it out”.  I responded by welcoming him to our world as entrepreneurs, telling him that this might not be for him and that he would need to get comfortable with ambiguity.

Then, I came across this article and this quote from General Casey:

“Leaders need to “see around corners” — to see something significant about the future that others don’t see. Yet the more VUCA the environment, the harder it is for leaders themselves to comprehend the situation, let alone articulate a clear way forward. VUCA environments thus become invitations for inaction — people are befuddled by the turmoil and don’t act. And to succeed, you must act!”

VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity – is the concept that I would have liked to have had during that final workshop.  I had conveyed “ambiguity” but had missed the others.  But what a way to summarize the future that we face.

And yet, I wouldn’t change the rest of my answer on that final workshop day.  I continued by explaining that the way to approach ambiguity (this is where I now wish I had known the concept of VUCA) is to adopt The Empowered Wealth Mindset – beginning in Gratitude; viewing and interpreting reality through the lens of True Wealth; asserting Leadership when situations call for it; creating a Living Legacy daily through vision and small steps, and seeking to become more productive by applying Congruent Leverage.  It’s our method of combating VUCA.

Last week, I became more confident that what we’re doing matters in a VUCA world.



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Leading in a ‘VUCA’ world

Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity. Each poses a unique challenge for any decision-maker. Here’s how to lead in hazy, changing times.

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