February 4th, 2013

Turning Our Weaknesses to Our Advantage

By Ron Nakamoto

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Turning Our Weaknesses to Our Advantage

(The image below is from the blog of Beatrice the Biologist, 10-19-11 with thanks to Stephanie West Allen for the reference)

Humor aside, if our brains tend to reject information that conflicts with our core belief systems, it's important to treat core belief systems as valuable assets to be nurtured, managed, and maintained to optimally serve us.  For Empowered Wealth, this translates into mindsets and a world view that begins with gratitude, filters ideas and experiences through the lens of "true wealth" (based upon the Brower Quadrant and the work of +Lee Brower ), promotes family leadership and the creation of living legacies (i.e., daily acts of contribution with the intention of making the world better for those who follow), and the application of leverage in many forms to those activities that are congruent with this world view.


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