May 30th, 2015

True Wealth Through The Eyes of an 8th Grader

By Ron Nakamoto

Recently, one of our Ambassadors Dan Wachs had the opportunity to speak to his daughter Isabelle's 8th grade class at Clapham Classical Christian School in Wheaton, IL. Dan told "The Woman on the Airplane Story", the story of the beginnings of Empowered Wealth which also describes our definition of True Wealth. Dan told the story so well that the teacher asked the class to write an essay about they learned. Here are excerpts from Isabelle's essay:

"In the modern world, finances and wealth are idolized as some of the most important priorities in life. But what really is wealth? The large majority of the population would say financial wealth. But in reality, to truly be a wealthy individual one needs a balance of four aspects.
First, one of the most important, if not the most is core. Core is your values and beliefs that give you purpose in life. It is the characteristics that make you who you are. It consists of things such as family, faith/beliefs, time, health, value, and heritage. Core is your talents and what drives you to be a better person. You cannot earn the tangibles and intangibles in the core category. Next, is experience. This category is all the experiences that define you and your family, which needs to be captured and put into story format and shared, because it’s the experiences that shape your personality and your core. This includes things such as: wisdom, education, reputation, skills, networks, ideas, traditions, relationships, systems, and alliances. Experience is the one thing that can truly prepare you for any circumstance that comes your way because as it is said, “You learn more from your failures than successes.” Subsequently, is contribution. Contribution is when you instill an “attitude of gratitude”. If you want more you have to give more. Contribution incorporates taxes, private foundations, charitable contributions of financial, core, or experience assets. And last but not least is financial. Financial is the most commonly coveted category but also the one most people would leave out of the four categories. Financial consists of: money, real estate, stocks & bonds, retirement plans, businesses, financial and material possessions…the true definition of wealth is an absolute balance of the four quadrants. After all, “After the game ends it all goes back in the box.”

Lee Brower was very pleased with Dan's positive impact on Isabelle and Isabelle's class. Lee wrote in an email to Dan, "I love to see the influence that parents who “GET Empowered Wealth” can make with their children"!

(To watch a video of "The Woman on the Airplane Story", go to https://youtu.be/nPKuy0jgA7k )



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