August 15th, 2014

This post was originally shared on my company blog, so some of the references may…

By Ron Nakamoto

This post was originally shared on my company blog, so some of the references may seem obscure and some of the comments may seem self-serving…I apologize if that's so for you; it's not my intention.

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Iconic Leadership

The article below by Dave Logan is several years old, yet very relevant.  In our V.U.C.A. world (i.e., volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous), perhaps this fact gives his ideas credibility.  I think so.

Logan ponders the essence of iconic leaders and distills this down to 3 qualities:

1.  Sense of core values.  I resonated with Logan's insight that values are discovered, not taught and not adopted.  I also resonated with his observation that it begins when you notice that the status quo offends you.

I was recently trained in a sophisticated values methodology called the AVI Values Inventory.  My intention is to use this method to help people examine core values in a well-researched, thoughtful manner.  Watch for an integration of the AVI with our TimeMap in the not-too-distant future.

2.  Know their great gift. My impulse is to translate this statement to mean "unique ability" in Strategic Coach terminology but I think Logan is getting at something more subtle.  Logan's heuristic "You cannot NOT do it" is helpful to me. I think your "great gift" is the underlying trait or quality that manifests itself through your unique ability.

3.  Cross-trained intuition.  Using Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, and Steve Jobs as examples helped to clarify this concept of drawing on fields very different from the current one.  I would think that this quality is enhanced by seeking and attaining "flow" states (which I've touched on in other posts and a book review "The Rise of Superman").

What Logan calls the "genius effect" is the synthesis of these qualities through the act of leading. The result is iconic leadership.

 Logan's challenge and my Empowering Questions: Can you become an iconic leader?



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