June 1st, 2014

Thinking W.I.N. (What's Important Now)

By Ron Nakamoto

Ian McDermott's blog post below tells two stories:  one about gold medal record setting swimmer Michael Phelps and the other about his recent experiences working with miners in South Africa.  Both are instructive because they confirm the merits of focusing on W.I.N. – what's important now – and being distracted by other things (a very useful lesson in focus and prioritization).

Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Ian on a new Empowered Wealth ebook on a different way of thinking about philanthropy.  Watch for an announcement on release of this ebook in the coming weeks.



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Innovation – Making Risk the Teacher |
I was recently in Johannesburg where I’m working on an ongoing project which is particularly close to my heart. In the UK Health and Safety has a slightly tarnished reputation, I think probably because directives are often seen as micro-managing and even trivial at times.

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