October 18th, 2013

There are many ways people assess their financial health

By Ron Nakamoto

But research has found one of the strongest influences is comparing oneself to other people. A sense of financial deprivation can happen when people simply feel financially inferior to their peers – University of Toronto

+Lee Brower often reminds us that rationalization is lowering our standards to the level of our behavior.  This concept correlates with the disturbing results of the study below in which researchers at the University of Toronto found that a sense of "financial deprivation" leads to an increase in cheating and workplace theft.

Lee also talks about "false happiness" being based upon comparisons, just as this study suggests that unhappiness is based upon feeling financially inferior.  The antidote?  The Empowered Wealth Mindset, especially a focus on Gratitude (being genuinely grateful for what one has) and True Wealth (those things that matter most, especially those that are more valuable than money and "things").


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Recession’s after-effects could lead to cheating and workplace theft suggests new study

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