May 26th, 2014

The Yin and Yang of Mind Control

By Ron Nakamoto

My response to the article below is complex.  What's happening in China, especially the ideology that they're teaching in schools, is disturbing because of its potential to "horrible-ize" free market economies and Western democratic governance in the minds of so many Chinese young adults.

Yet, despite the powerful influence of the Chinese educational system, the article also highlights the limits of the Chinese high school indoctrination effort. It's discouraging to me that environmental awareness has not been dramatically increased, despite these educational efforts. But what this article also suggests to me is the enduring role of family and culture in the way people think and act.

We in the West have little or no influence on Chinese education.  But we can draw some lessons from research that underlies this article.  Education matters…so does the culture in which we live…and so does family.



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