March 5th, 2013

The Rise of the Inquisitive Storyteller

By Ron Nakamoto

The Wired opinion below by Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger and Kenneth Cukier eloquently argues for a view of human capability that we seek to capture in our work at #empoweredwealth :

"The same messy mental processes that lead to our occasional humiliation or wrongheadedness also give rise to successes and stumbling upon our greatness*."*

This statement could have been written by marketing maven Seth Godin or design thinking expert Tim Brown (or for that matter, great entrepreneurial thinkers like Thomas Edison).  We believe and base much of our thinking and coaching on the notion that the abilities to ask great questions and weave the answers creatively into stories are human capabilities that, when enhanced by data and algorithms, will best guide humanity into the future.

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Does ‘Big Data’ Mean the Demise of the Expert — And Intuition? | Wired Opinion | Wired.com
To be sure, subject-area experts won’t die out, but their supremacy will ebb. This transforms the way we value knowledge, because we tend to think that people with deep specialization are worth more t…

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