February 17th, 2017

The purpose of any community is to bring people together to do things we couldn't do on our own. To do this, we need ways to share new ideas and share enough common understanding to actually work together – Mark Zuckerberg

By Ron Nakamoto

This is a far-reaching, visionary statement by Mark Zuckerberg. As the communication platform of choice for most people on the planet, what Facebook stands for and what it aspires to achieve really matters. Zuckberg's statement is a quintessentially Silicon Valley, California, American, democratic, free-enterprise expression of hope and belief in technology to transform our lives and build a better future, a global community that works.

My narrower, more local view is that regardless of the medium or platform, families, organizations and communities require strong moral, ethical leadership. This leadership (or lack thereof), when combined with the power and reach of Facebook and other platforms, is what will drive our future and our fates.

Building Global Community
On our journey to connect the world, we often discuss products we’re building and updates on our business. Today I want to focus on the most important question of all: are we building the world we all want? History is the story of how we’ve learned to come together in ever greater numbers — from tribes …

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