December 4th, 2013

The Problem Isn’t the Weather

By Ron Nakamoto

As I’m writing this, my smartphone says that it’s 8 degrees outside and that it’s only going to get up to 20 degrees as the high for the day.  I’ve been anticipating this weather for several days now and it’s finally arrived.  What I realized this morning is that it’s not the cold weather that’s the problem.  I have plenty of warm clothing, a well-heated place with complete shelter from the elements, a modern car with a heater and even a seat warmer. No, the problem isn’t the the cold weather; it’s my resistance to the cold weather. The same is true of my resistance to many things: to food I don’t like, to being tired, to being bored, to being on a plane full of strangers, etc.

What’s the antidote?  I just stopped and meditated for a minute on Gratitude.  It took only a minute of silence and focus.  What am I thankful for (a warm room and clothing); what do I appreciate (the interdependent world that I live in that provides electricity and natural gas for heating and all sorts of other comforts); what can I do today to express my gratitude (find a kind thing to do for at least one person that reminds me and hopefully them as well that things really are much better than they/we perceive them to be); what small step can I take now (do it).
That’s my version of Empowered Gratitude for this morning.

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One Response to “The Problem Isn’t the Weather”

  1. Melanie Davis

    Nice, thanks Ron. I will survive this weather and be thankful!

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