July 25th, 2014

The Horizon vs. Vision vs. Goals

By Ron Nakamoto

The blog post below makes the important distinction between goals and vision.  Blogger Natalie Bacon also has a good way of expressing how vision provides the bigger "why" for accomplishing goals.

 Lee Brower's coaching and Empowered Wealth take these ideas several steps further with the concept of "The Horizon" – that is a dynamic vision rather than a static one – and the Empowered Wealth tools that help clients (and now, the online members of Empowered Wealth Connect) delve deeply into their vision for the future.  The unique, guided discovery that takes place during The Empowered Wealth TimeMap and The Clarity Experiences brings The Horizon to life in a deeper, more nuance way than just trying to write things down as they come to mind.

It's great to see a popular blogger mention "vision".  If you're a member of Empowered Wealth Connect or a Lee Brower coaching client, you have the opportunity to take this concept much, much further in a very productive way.



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Goals vs. Vision – Financegirl
Recently, I was listening to Andrew Ferebee’s “Knowledge For Men” podcast (which, by the way, I just love), and Ferebee was interviewing Jordan Belfort, the man who the Wolf of Wall Street is based on. I was blown away by something Belfort said regarding goals and vision. In part, Belfot said, “too many people go […]

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