October 2nd, 2012

The Evolution of Empowered Wealth

By Ron Nakamoto

Empowered Wealth is built around the concept of the Brower Quadrant, namely that there are four categories of “assets” or wealth:  core, experience, contribution, and financial.

For over 15 years, The Brower Quadrant has framed Empowered Wealth’s conversations about wealth.

From the Brower Quadrant, the concept of “True Wealth” evolved.  True Wealth involves the clarity, focus, and dynamic balance amongst the quadrants that leads to confidence in life.  In other words, through the lenses of the Brower Quadrant and True Wealth, we have a model from which to set our vision and our priorities.

As things have continued to evolve, it’s become clear that the concept of Gratitude and the principles surrounding Gratitude have become the essential starting focus for all of Empowered Wealth’s work, especially the Powerful Planning Process.

In the previous video, Lee Brower alluded to a study that  began many years ago.  In 2001, that study crystallized around major concerns of wealthy families:

The previous video identifies the “loss of choice and control” and “money will ruin my children” as major concerns (there was a third major concern in the study; that is, that they would be forgotten, that they would have no enduring legacy).  To address these concerns, Empowered Wealth has developed a planning process and ongoing coaching program to help families maintain control of their assets; educate, train, and coach family members so that they can handle money and wealth; and build a living legacy.

The Powerful Planning Process has three well-thought-out deliverables:  the Family Philosophy, the Empowered Family Treasury, and the Powerful Plan.  In addition to these deliverables, the Business Family Coach program is the catalyst to make these tools work for families.  Just as a coach can help rock climbers scale challenging rock walls, so too can the Business Family Coach make a difference in empowering families and helping families achieve Sustainable Prosperity™.

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    Great video, great lighting, great message, extremely well done!

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