December 17th, 2014

The Danger of a "Stress-Free" Estate Plan

By Ron Nakamoto

I found the article below to be a good overview of the benefits of executing a well-conceived set of estate planning documents. The danger, however, as Lee Brower sees it, is that after executing these documents, people then tend to think that "Stress-Free" means that they're "done". That's why Lee often says that he would do away with the term "estate planning" and replace it with not only the term but also the bigger concept of "Family Leadership".

"Culture" was just named "Word of the Year" by Merriam-Webster, so it's a word that's in danger of becoming a cliche. It would be a shame if people began viewing "culture" and especially "family culture" as passe because nurturing and sustaining a family's culture is a primary responsibility of a family leader. This is why family culture is a major focus of the work that we do with family leaders.



11 Fundamental Elements of a Stress-Free Estate Plan |
Forbes article by Mark Eghrari It’s easy to assume estate plans are intended to deal with future concerns: planning for retirement, providing an in

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