March 13th, 2015

The Abundance Mindset

By Addie K Martin

I work primarily as a freelance writer. Each month is unpredictable, dependent on me picking up new work or maintaining existing work relationships. Despite the relative uncertainty of my freelance lifestyle, I enjoy it. Sometimes it can be hard, though. That’s especially true when I’m not approaching my work from a positive mindset. However, I was recently able to recognize the abundance that surrounds me each day, instead of dwelling in the struggling, “scarcity” mindset. I’ve finally figured out that this abundance mindset is one of the secrets to making the most of my life.

Addie-and-Jeremy-MartinApproaching life from the abundance mindset has allowed me to identify and attract opportunities that I previously overlooked or wasn’t even aware of before. When I was approaching freelance work from a scarcity mindset, I had a much harder time bringing money and resources into my life. Up until recently, that mindset was basically how I was approaching my work. When I look back on the last couple of years, I see the threads of stress and desperation in my approach. It’s not that I was miserable, but instead of focusing on the joy I was getting out of my work and rejoicing in the service I was providing others, I was sitting here wishing I had more work, more money, more of everything, basically.

Through some effective coaching and time spent in productive introspection, I realized that my mindset and my approach to my work mattered just as much as the contacts I had and the work experience I brought to the table. When I started looking at the world as a place with unlimited amounts of work and money, I realized that it only came down to me identifying and connecting with the right opportunities. It wasn’t a matter of “if” I was going to get more work but simply a matter of “when.” Abundance had been all around me the whole time, but I was too busy and preoccupied to see it.

Once I could see the abundance in my work situation, I began to see the abundance in the rest  of my life, too. I started noticing all the friends I had around me and how well I got along with my family and how loved I felt by them. I realized that my husband truly is my best friend and my greatest ally in this world. I began to see just how many resources I had at my fingertips for increased learning and personal / professional growth. Ultimately, I realized that I am rich in relationships, resources, education, and experiences. Therefore, abundance abounds in my life.

Recognizing abundance in my life has changed my world completely. I am happier overall, and I find more money coming into our household that I ever expected. I’m at the point where I’m turning down work assignments that aren’t in alignment with my highest purpose and my husband even received an unexpected raise at his job recently, as well. I can’t help but think that this has been due to my shift in my attitude and perspective. It’s allowed not only the financial abundance but also the riches of my personal connections to bless my life as fully as they have. I look forward to what Lee Brower and Empowered Wealth would call my “Bigger Future”!

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