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Empowered Wealth Facilitator Brent Owens uses this diagram as part of his teaching and training to "Raise the Level of Care". Although Brent's business is home care, he's really talking about something much bigger: that is, raising the level of "Care" in the world.
He starts with a question: "What does "Care" mean?" […]

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(I'd like to thank Empowered Wealth Ambassador Craig Adamson from Marion, IA, for bringing this podcast to my attention).
This interview with Gail Miller touches on many elements of Gratitude, True Wealth, and Leadership. In telling the stories of the many decisions and actions taken by her late husband Larry Miller, of her sons who […]

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I recently completed the book "How We Learn" by Benedict Carey, a science writer for the New York Times. Carey synthesizes the research on learning to develop what amount to "tips" on how to improve our learning. Many of his findings "show that some of what we've been taught to think of as […]

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This article adds an important distinction, the self-protective giver, to Adam Grant's work described in his book "Give and Take". This is consistent with our ideas about how to "Go B.I.G." (begin in gratitude); that is, start with self-respect, kindness and courtesy towards yourself.
Also, embedded in this article is a short […]