October 20th, 2011

Sustainable Prosperity Experience

By Dave

Identify your true wealth assets to gain clarity, balance, focus, and confidence—all of which will enhance your experiences, journey, and progress toward your destination and sustainable prosperity. Consider the outcomes of identifying your greatest True Wealth Assets:

CLARITY: Clarity brings Energy! Think about it. When your family, you r employees, your team members, etc., have clarity about where they are going – they have increased energy. When they understand the why and the how of where they are going, they have even greater energy. With greater energy comes greater results.

BALANCE: Top notch engineers know that to increase speed in race cars they must have balance. They must eliminate the “wobble.” When we are balanced in our Core, Experience, Contribution, and Financial assets, we eliminate the wobble. Consequently, the outcome of Balance is Velocity! You do more in less time.

FOCUS: If you have clarity and balance you understand what matters most. That allows you to focus on those activities that generate the greatest results. You don’t waste effort on activities that may be important but are not essential to achieving optimal results. The outcome of Focus is Accuracy! You achieve more with less effort.

CONFIDENCE: With clarity, balance, and focus, you can’t help but have increased confidence. Lack of confidence makes you a repellent. Radiating confidence makes you an Attractant! With increased confidence, the law of attraction takes over, attracting greater relationships, opportunities and experiences.

Don’t discount the journey on the way to your destination. Life is a journey and identifying our greatest assets in the beginning and continuously as we age is critical to our ability to reach our destination.


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