April 11th, 2013

"Success and significance are not the same

By Ron Nakamoto

There is a bridge from one to the other – a life long bridge that you have to be deliberate about crossing every day" Tina Sharkey

This quote is from an interesting Huff Post entitled "The Universal Teachers of Humankind" (referring to mothers).  The quote was preceded by this question and beginning answer:

What is your greatest dream or wish for your children?

I want them to have gratitude for their gifts and to realize that whatever success they achieve in life, they have the opportunity to make a significant difference.

Very similar to #empoweredwealth , wouldn't you agree?

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The Universal Teachers of Humankind
Be present when you’re present. In an era of constant distraction and pervasive computing, we must model for our children the behavior we want them to repeat. If we are half present with them, they wi…

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