Brower Gratitude Rocks™

Gratitude is the heart’s memory.
~French Proverb
  • Gift of giving
  • Remembrance of all that is good
  • A touchstone for global transformation.
  • Transition to greatness
  • In acts of kindness
  • True wealth and abundance
  • Unyielding compassion
  • Divine clarity
  • Everlasting commitment to appreciation

Brower Gratitude Rocks™ are a simple yet powerful system enabling the  practice of experiencing, capturing, and showing gratitude. Lee Brower has embraced with genuine appreciation the many stories of endearment as told by people he meets worldwide. These rocks are symbolic of a genesis for global inspiration and hope.

Unlike the Knock-offs that are leveraging off of our name selling gratitude rocks for profit we have committed that our net profits go charity. We give 100% as we receive the funds automatically to The Empowered Wealth Foundation.

All rocks are guaranteed authentic, beautifully engraved with the Brower Quadrant logo and each order includes a special message from Lee Brower on the amazing power of gratitude in our lives.  Collect Brower Gratitude Rocks™ for yourself and share the of abundance of giving with those you care.

The stones in this collection are noted for their lustrous finish, highlighting the rocks’ natural character. Smooth to the touch, these stones are a beautiful way to remember to capture gratitude..

Size 1” to 1 ½”  inches.


1 Stone $14.99  

3 Stones $34.99  

10 Stones $99.99  


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