March 14th, 2013

…Since 2/3 of all the people who have ever lived past 65 in the entire history…

By Ron Nakamoto

…Since 2/3 of all the people who have ever lived past 65 in the entire history of the world are alive today, longevity is truly humanity's new frontier – Ken Dychtwald

This article makes insightful observations about Baby Boomers and the changing reality of aging.  In essence, Ken Dychtwald asks us to redefine what age and aging really mean in the 21st century and adjust our thinking to better fit the realities of our time.  I found his recommendations to be more abstract and devoid of practical "how to's" but that's not really his strength.  Empowered Wealth has several principles that align with Dychtwald's thinking. One is in the area of lifelong learning, where we've adopted the Strategic Coach slogan of "always make your learning greater than your experience".  Another is in creating a new purpose for maturity.  The Empowered Wealth concepts of Empowered Gratitude, Living Legacy, Family Leadership, and Contribution Assets focus on ultimately being a "giver" rather than a "taker" in life.  In this area, I believe that Empowered Wealth has developed tools and techniques that lend themselves to "creating a new purpose for maturity".  Finally, Empowered Wealth takes the idea of a "lifetime of fiscal fitness" and extends it to multi-generational sustainable prosperity through The Powerful Planning Process and The Business Family Coach.


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