May 20th, 2013

Simple Math Isn't "Enough" to Deal with the Future

By Ron Nakamoto

This article depicts the vast majority of retirement planning being done currently.  People assume that retirement means "the absence of work" (or adult play time), make some assumptions, and apply mathematics to determine if they have "enough".  In this context, "enough" means money.

But what if "enough" meant "ways to contribute and continue to earn money" or "utilize my best talents and continue to earn money while enjoying what I do".  This type of thinking transforms the whole notion of "retirement" and renders current thinking and planning obsolete.  Studies have shown that those who create and give more than they consume are happier and live longer, more fulfilling lives.  "Adult play time" then becomes part of a regular cycle of rejuvenation, rather than an end in itself.

Writers talk about being "in the flow"; athletes say they're "in the zone"; musicians talk about "finding the groove".  Let's shift the way people think about retirement; let's help people find their groove, create, and make a difference.


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