May 1st, 2013

Shifting from a "Charitable" to a "Contribution" Mindset

By Ron Nakamoto

Shifting from a "Charitable" to a "Contribution" Mindset

In this article Yanik Silver, describes his way of integrating philanthropic and entrepreneurial work.  This approach is similar to the #empoweredwealth mindset:  that is beginning in gratitude, integrating and dynamically balancing "contribution" with other key aspects of one's life, and consciously creating a "living legacy". It's more than being charitably minded; it's more than writing checks or volunteering.  It's about combining a "contribution" mindset with entrepreneurial efforts to create something new that contributes positively to the world.

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Change the Rules: 5 Ways to Bring Mission Into Your Business
Weaving a greater mission into your financial goals can help get your team, customers and community involved to grow your bottom line.

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