June 14th, 2013

Seth Godin Markets Estate Planning…Or Is It Family Leadership?

By Ron Nakamoto

+Seth Godin expresses his art in yet another way in this blog post.

What will your actions say about the question he asks?


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Seth’s Blog: How do you want to die?
Let’s assert that you’re almost certainly not going to be the very first person to live forever. Also worth noting that you’re probably going to die of natural causes. The expectations we have for medical care are derived directly from…

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3 Responses to “Seth Godin Markets Estate Planning…Or Is It Family Leadership?”

  1. Ashish T

    the medical industry might not attest to his view points 😉

  2. Ron Nakamoto

    A fair point; all the more reason to assert one's rights and live a fulfilling life rather than just a lengthy survival.

  3. Ashish T

    That's right +Ron Nakamoto . Funny no one gave that a real thought.

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