February 17th, 2014

“Sent from my phone, sorry for typos” — as an indication that smartphones are…

By Ron Nakamoto

“Sent from my phone, sorry for typos” — as an indication that smartphones are inferior writing tools – Ian Bogost, professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

I found this article interesting because I hadn't thought about the implications of the trend towards mobile devices, especially for Wikipedia.

This got me thinking about long-form vs. short-form content creation.  If the trend is towards a Twitter/Instagram form of interaction vs. a Wikipedia form, then content creation is headed for a sharp division between the mobile device-oriented masses and the large screen "creative class" that Judith Donath, author of the coming book “The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online” alludes to in the article.

With the Empowered Wealth online program "The Secrets of True Wealth" targeted to launch in a month, this article has started me thinking about the longer term opportunity to create Empowered Wealth media for mobile devices.  It's a niche I'd like to explore.



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Wikipedia vs. the Small Screen
Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that depends on readers to create and edit its articles, is concerned about whether they will continue to do so on mobile devices.

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