January 31st, 2013

Running a Family DOES Help You Run a Business

By Ron Nakamoto

The blog post below from the Harvard Business Review is written from the standpoint of the stay-at-home parent who then reenters the workforce.  I'd like to offer a counterpoint:  I believe that the parenting experience humanizes every parent, planting the seeds for a more empowered mindset in business and in life.  Here are a couple of reasons why:

1.  Listening and explaining in simple terms is a necessity in parenting.  There is no such thing as an effective, aloof, detached parent.

2.  Parenting helps us understand other parents.  We've now been there and done that.  We have that connection with others.

3.  Parenting requires patience and surrendering to that which cannot be controlled.  Too many of us are "masters of the universe" in our business lives.  Being a parent causes us to become more accepting of chaos, change, and uncertainty.  Command and control is an illusion for the most part.  It has also become largely obsolete in the post-industrial world.


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Why Running a Family Doesn’t Help You Run a Business
Stop pretending those skills are transferable and find better ways to help parents on-ramp.

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