May 28th, 2014

Research That Supports Empowered Wealth Workshops

By Ron Nakamoto

Research That Supports Empowered Wealth Workshops

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Empowered Wealth Workshops and Being More Satisfied With Your Life

The post below by Eric Barker could easily be seen as the rationale behind Empowered Wealth's workshops "The Next Step" and ACT 2014.  Let me explain.

Let's start with the easiest connection, item number 4 on Barker's list "Money Isn't the Answer".  Anyone who's seen, heard, or read about Lee Brower's "Napkin Presentation" will understand that "True Wealth" is having, enjoying, and contributing not just financial wealth but also "core", "experience", and "contribution" assets.  Similarly, Barker's item number 1 "Friends" has to do with Lee's "core" and "experience" assets.

Item number 3, "Have a Life Story", describes our TimeMap Experience and the creation of a family narrative with our emphasis on narrative wisdom.

 "Have Goals" (item 2), as Barker describes it, is actually very akin to Lee Brower's "Motion Theory", taking small steps towards a vision.  Barker says, "A consistent amount of minor success produces much more satisfaction than occasionally bagging an elephant."

And finally, Barker says to "Keep Growing", which is very much akin to the Lifelong Learning that we advocate as part of becoming a Business Family.

You won't see us over-sell our workshops by promising that you'll be more satisfied with your life.  But, if one applies the principles, concepts, and tools from these workshops and our online courses, greater life satisfaction might very well become a precessional effect of the experiences.



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