February 9th, 2013

Reexamining Choice and Control

By Ron Nakamoto

Over a decade ago #empoweredwealth commissioned a study on the concerns of affluent patriarchs and matriarchs about transferring their wealth to their heirs.  This study concluded that affluent families were most concerned with the loss of choice and control.  In other words, these very successful, very affluent individuals wanted to retain choice and control over their wealth and really feared loss of choice and control.  This view was widely-held by participants in this study.

Charles Eisenstein, the interviewee on the episode of London Real below, turns this idea of choice and control over wealth upside down.  He introduces the concept of a gift economy, which as he explains it, sounds eerily similar to the Empowered Wealth concepts of Contribution Assets and Living Legacy.  Whether you agree with Eisenstein or not, this interview is worth getting disturbed over.

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