May 25th, 2017

Raising the Level of Care in the World – Brent Owens

By Ron Nakamoto

Empowered Wealth Facilitator Brent Owens uses this diagram as part of his teaching and training to "Raise the Level of Care". Although Brent's business is home care, he's really talking about something much bigger: that is, raising the level of "Care" in the world.

He starts with a question: "What does "Care" mean?" Certainly to his caregivers, it means providing the service that they're paid to provide. But to their clients and client families, it means the quality to the services that they provide, especially the attitude and the way that caregivers and company representatives conduct their activities. And what does "Care" mean to the company and all of its stakeholders? As a leader, Brent truly lives his message that "Care" begins with ourselves; that is, taking care of our health and well-being so that we can "Care". Brent exemplifies the idea that Care is both an activity and a mindset that can become a way of being.

The diagram incorporates two ideas: Brent's "Circle of Care" and an Empowered Wealth concept "The Levels of Gratitude", The Circle of Care is the idea that Care begins with ourselves and radiates out to include our families, the people we work with, and the world at large. It's who we can touch in order to Raise the Level of Care. Care itself begins with "respect" (or self-respect), continues with "appreciation" for ourselves and others, and extends to "Care" (defined ideally as giving unconditionally without expecting anything in return). In this mindset, this worldview, the ultimate expression of Care is "Love".



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