October 16th, 2014

"Put yourself in the place of greatest potential" – Dewitt Jones, National Geographic Photographer talking about "Focusing Your Vision"

By Ron Nakamoto

Lee Brower talks about having a bigger future and always having a bigger "Horizon" to shoot for. He also talks about celebrating the small steps, the progress, that we make. Leading Empowered Wealth Connect www.empoweredwealth.com/connect , I realize that much of our content and ideas have evolved from working with entrepreneurs. I, therefore, found this brief essay inspiring because of the "Horizon" it suggests and the progress we've made to get here. Despite all of the substantial negativity and bad things happening in the world, we may truly be "in the place of greatest potential."


You Are Not Late
Can you imagine how awesome it would have been to be an entrepreneur in 1985 when almost any dot com name you wanted was…

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