September 27th, 2012

“Preparing for Death…”

By Ron Nakamoto

“Preparing for Death is One of the Most Empowering Things You Can Do”

This quote isn’t mine; it’s from a New Orleans artist Candy Chang and her recent, inspiring TED Talk.

In her talk, she also says that “thinking about death clarifies your life”.  I recently experienced Hurricane Isaac firsthand in New Orleans.  3 days without power, hurricane force winds, driving rain, and wide-spread street flooding in a strange neighborhood with people I didn’t really know, the threat of looting and violent crime ever present – yes, thinking about death definitely clarified my life.

But it’s true, New Orleans loves and inspires music.  I hummed this song to myself as the worst of the storm was happening outside.  Recorded “live” over 15 years ago by New Orleans’ own Neville Brothers, the lyrics seemed to me to be written for Hurricane Isaac.

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