May 3rd, 2012

Positive Focus, Our Big “Why”, and “How”

By Empowered Wealth

At Empowered Wealth, we begin every meeting with a Positive Focus:  sharing a positive experience within the recent past.  Why?  Not only does Positive Focus counteract the negative effects of the “Sea of Negativity” that we live in daily (i.e., the news media), but it also redirects our thinking towards things that matter to us.

This video was taken at one of our recent events where the theme of most attendees’ shared Positive Focus was their grandchildren.  In the “Sea of Negativity”, grandchildren carry the hopes of families.  The guiding purpose of Empowered Wealth, the reason we do what we do, is that We Empower Families.  In so doing, we’re especially focused on supporting entrepreneurs who love their families and care about the future.  How do we do this?

As a result of many years of experience and development, we’ve created a model of Principles, Concepts, and Tools that we call The Pillars of Sustainable Prosperity.  The model builds on the concepts of The Brower Quadrant and True Wealth, empowering entrepreneurs and their families. The Pillars of Sustainable Prosperity are:

  • A deeply ingrained practice of Gratitude;
  • Family Leadership instead of traditional estate planning;
  • consistently building a Legacy now while alive, and;
  • optimizing all assets (i.e., the Brower Quadrant), utilizing Leverage in order to become a powerful family.

We implement this model through The Powerful Planning Process, a series of experiences, exercises, professional planning and coaching designed to transition family businesses to business families.  Social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk in his best-selling book “The Thank You Economy” talks about caring and service as the secrets to success in business today.  We couldn’t agree more.  That’s why the key to making The Powerful Planning Process work successfully is what we call A3Accountability, Attention, and Appreciation.  Our role models are Zappos and Nordstrom, companies known for their cultures of service.

…and it all starts with “Why”:  We Empower Families.

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