November 16th, 2014

Positive Experiences: The Beginnings of Gratitude

By Ron Nakamoto

As I completed an all-day training for new Empowered Wealth Ambassadors last Friday, I was reminded of how the general population focuses on positive experiences and positive affirmations to lift their spirits in times of trouble or stress. In fact, as Glen Snyder mentions in this short video, positive focus is how Lee Brower begins his meetings and coaching experiences. But Lee also quickly goes deeper into positive focus, transforming positive experiences into a framework of Gratitude.

I like to remember this concept of converting positive focus into Gratitude by using the phrase "Play T.A.G.", where T.A.G. stands for "thank", "appreciate", and "give". By thinking of who I can thank, or what I appreciate, or how I might give back as a result of a positive experience, I can begin to transform that experience into Gratitude. Over time, this can become a habit which can then lead to a cultural shift within a family, small workgroup, or circle of friends. This can make a difference; this can be the beginning of being the change we want to see in the world.



Positive Focus
Glen Snyder, Certified Facilitator, explains the value of positive focus (that is positive experiences).

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