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Ron Nakamoto A Message From Ron Nakamoto

Welcome friends, colleagues, and clients of Josh Patrick!

Josh and I have spent some time talking about how his expertise in advising small business owners and Empowered Wealth’s work on Gratitude, True Wealth, and Leadership are very synergistic. Please watch this video; I think you’ll see why Josh and I believe you’ll benefit from working with Empowered Wealth:


For a business owner or anyone interested in small businesses, our online membership program Empowered Wealth Connect is an ideal way to explore your vision of the future. It can also help you connect that vision with your life story, the people and things you value most, and the skills and attributes you’ll need to live your happiest, most fulfilling, and most meaningful life.

Click this link to register (click here) to gain access at our regular rate of $79/monthly. Enter the following promo code joshpatrick and receive a free coaching call (a $150 value) during your first two months of membership.

I think you’ll find our work helpful both as a business person and especially as a family leader. I hope that you’ll share what you’ve learned with your family and those who matter most to you.

With gratitude,

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Ron Nakamoto, CEO
Empowered Wealth