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January 2nd, 2017 by Ron Nakamoto

Lee Brower’s Life Coaching Lesson: Five to Thrive

As a guru and life coach to entrepreneurs and family leaders, Lee Brower teaches a simple technique to evaluate new opportunities and make wise decisions. This method has served him and his followers well.  In this short video, he shares this method, which he calls “Five to Thrive“.

The “Five” questions that Lee asks are:

  1. 1. Is this aligned with my Essentials?
    In Empowered Wealth’s concept of True Wealth, the Essentials are typically what each individual and family determine are their Core assets. Nearly always, these include the Big 3: family, health, and faith.
  2. 2. Will this make me better and help me grow?
    Underlying this question is an Empowered Wealth principle of “lifetime learning: always make your learning greater than the experience”.
  3. 3. Will this benefit Mankind?
    This question is focuses on positive Contribution, big or small, to the well-being of others.
  4. 4. Will it put rice in my bowl?
    This question is about personal, primarily financial, benefit versus a possible loss or especially opportunity cost.
  5. 5. Is this transactional versus transformational?
    A transaction is a one-time event, an exchange of value. In contrast, something that’s transformational is ongoing with potential for compounding or even exponential growth and precessional effects.

Five to Thrive” is a simple but proven method to evaluate new opportunities and make decisions.


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As a guru and life coach to many entrepreneurs and their families, Lee Brower often uses the acronym T.E.A.R.‘s to describe the many things we can contribute to the well-being of others. T.E.A.R.‘s stands for Time, Energy, Attention, and Resources (Resources can be further broken down into money, technology or know-how, people or relationships, and ideas). Note that besides “money” and perhaps “technology”, there are no material “things” that make up our T.E.A.R.‘s. This became clear in a thought experiment that I shared with a teenage girl recently.

I was riding in a car with the girl and her father recently as he was taking her to school. Her father, in the spirit of the holidays, asked her what she thought of when she heard the word “giving”. She hesitated and responded timidly with “giving presents…or giving gifts?” as if it were a quiz. I asked her what she might be able to give someone else that wasn’t a present or a gift, something that wasn’t a physical “thing”. She was thinking about that question when she had to leave the vehicle.

What I was looking for was T.E.A.R.‘s. My next question would have been, “What could you give someone if you were one of the bottom 1% of humanity, living in poverty?”


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“Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable and safe in a confusing world”

– Susan Lieberman

As a life coach and guru to many business family leaders, Lee Brower is a champion for family traditions. In this video, Lee shares one of his family’s new traditions, one that’s enabled by the latest smartphone technology.

Empowered Wealth has an abiding principle that family culture is the key element in building and sustaining multi-generational True Wealth. Family culture is also the missing element in most estate planning as it’s currently practiced around the world. Traditions, along with stories and ceremonies that reflect a family’s values, are essential for establishing and maintaining a family’s culture.


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“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”

– Lao Tzu

As a life coach and guru to entrepreneurs, Lee Brower has influenced many of them to express more gratitude through contributing and giving. In this video, he shares an incident involving one of his clients who wanted to do something generous out of pure kindness and generosity.

Lee Brower often talks about giving unconditionally as being “in gratitude”, as opposed to being grateful for something. Through the conscious effort to regularly practice and express Gratitude, we set the conditions under which events like “The Champ at the Pump” can occur.