June 7th, 2013

Our Concept of Leaders and Leadership is Shifting

By Ron Nakamoto

This article based on an extensive global survey points to some fundamental shifts in the way we're collectively viewing leaders and leadership.  Yesterday, +Arianna Huffington led a conference The Third Metric that focused on many of the same issues mentioned in this article.  It appears that at least in the way people are responding to surveys, our concept of leaders and leadership is shifting away from money, power, winning, etc.  However, my thought is that it's really a reaction against ways of thinking that have dishonored and disrespected large segments of the population and defined "success" as winning in warfare (literally and symbolically).  It's being "against" that way of thinking.  But there's more to it than just being against something.  It's not enough to be in favor of more balance or focused on "well-being".  New leadership is about getting there, showing people the way, creating the future.


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