July 24th, 2013

"…Obtaining a high sales price is not the only priority when selling a company….

By Ron Nakamoto

"…Obtaining a high sales price is not the only priority when selling a company. In most cases, sellers are also concerned about the timing of the sale, the future health of their company, and how the business sale will impact their lives going forward" – Curtis Kroeker

How will a business sale impact lives?  It's an important – perhaps essential – question.  As Dan Sullivan says, "The problem is not the problem.  The problem is you don't know how to think about the problem."  Recent research has also demonstrated that if you are contemplating a sale, you are also likely overestimating the emotional benefits of a sale and not considering unforeseen personal consequences of a sale.

Doesn't this suggest that having an optimal mindset is an important element to an optimal transaction for the business owner and his or her family?  Doesn't it make sense that the ability to perform well as the steward of personal and family wealth begins with mindset?


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Why Are You Selling Your Business?
The answer can change everything, from how fast you can sell to how much you can sell for.

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