December 14th, 2014

My youthful understanding of “Let your life speak” led me to conjure up the highest values I could imagine and then try to conform my life to them whether they were mine or not. If that sounds like what we are supposed to do with values, it is because that is what we are too often taught – Parker J. Palmer

By Ron Nakamoto

This is a thought-provoking review by Maria Popova of the book "Let Your Life Speak" by Parker J. Palmer. I couldn't help but think of a recent set of distinctions that I'm working with; that is, authentic values vs. avowed values and lived values vs. not-lived values. It's probably unsurprising that lived avowed values and not-lived authentic values are sources of unhappiness, psychological suffering, and neuroses. Popova is excellent at ferreting out Palmer's insights on how to move away from living avowed values, not living authentic values, and move towards living authentic values (i.e., finding one's purpose).

Values keeping showing up as a common theme in our work. Watch for some exciting new Empowered Wealth concepts and tools pertaining to values and virtues in 2015.



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